Ag Ibrahim




Congrats iraa on signing away your freedom and privacy! Kidding~ hahaha. Wishing u a long and happy marriage. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness as you embark on this beautiful journey of marriage. Congrats again ira&partner❤ FROM LABUAN WITH LOVE: Wanaa R

- Wanaa -

Dearest Ira.. We had once shared ups & down moments together. Now you are soon to ‘mrs’ Ira. I sincerely pray for your marriage to be a wonderful and beautiful one. May you and your spouse live happily together, shares all good and bad days together. May your life will be full of happiness, joy, love, laughter and many more good things to happen in the future.. Hugs & kisses for you.. see you soon!

- Vie Samantha -

bayahan🫶🏻. Selamat menjalani kehidupan baru yang penuh bahagia. God bless you both

- Colo -

As you both begin this beautiful journey together, I can't help but reflect on all the wonderful memories we've shared. Seeing you find your soulmate fills my heart with joy. May your marriage be a continuation of the love, respect, and laughter that has defined your friendship all these years. Here's to a lifetime of happiness, adventures, and unwavering support for each other. Congratulations on your wedding day, my dear friend, my Best Friend, my sister from another mother, my non-Biological sister 🥰 - with l.o.v.e -zura-

- ZuraAzura.o -

Congrats on your forever lovebirds..God bless you both😘😘 #selamatbercintaselamanya❤️

- Vic -

Happy wedding day to u gorgeous, u’ve made it here . may this wedding brings u happiness and jannah inshaallah . ❤️ Barakallah ira and partner ❤️❤️

- -Kak CT🌹- -

First off congrats to ira n qib. Welcome to the "everything i do is wrong" club qib.

- Pijul & wife -

Zawg and schlawg getting married 💀💀 "In sickness and in health" lookin ahh 🤣☠️

- Jerry -

Congratulations brother, glad to see the pack is getting bigger. We welcome Ira with open paws. Awoooooo!!

- Cypher C -

Solli england not so good but i is very honor to be here to kongsi dis happy happy moment with u.. I say many many congratulate.. 😊 P. S. zlev noob midlane feeder

- Prav -

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